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About Us

About Our Company

Our core team comprises chartered accountants, lawyers, liberal arts graduates, MBAs, psychologists, and our network goes beyond to people pursuing careers in all walks of life including visual artists, public speakers, filmmakers, teachers, writers and painters. Some of us started working at the age of 19, worked with top multinationals around the world, and started their own businesses across multiple geographies. Globizon is an amalgamation of ‘Global’ and ‘Horizon’. ‘Global’ means relating to the world, while ‘Horizon’ is the intersection of different directions.

Globizon’s role is to assist people seeking various careers to understand how their interests and skills are relevant in the world, act as a catalyst to their growth, introduce them to people living their dreams, guide them in the journey towards their goals and keep track of their progress. We aspire to bring a sense of value to people’s lives by introducing them to their Ikigai . A person’s Ikigai defines their sense of purpose in life in tandem with their goals and careers. Ikigai is what makes people jump out of bed each morning!