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Trade skills and study options in India—assisting you to select and pursue courses that fit your future goals.

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Trade skills and study options around the globe—assisting you to access the best global opportunities.

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Skilled and business immigration options —assisting you in every step of your global mobility.

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Skilled and business immigration options —assisting you in every step of your global mobility.

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Specially designed immersive modules that consist of travelling, learning, working and networking to evaluate your passions and interests in life.
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Specially curated assessments, sessions and workshops that assist you in making an informed choice to plan your career ahead.

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Personalized one-on-one engagement with people living your dream so that you get a glimpse of what your future will look like.

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For families with children as young as kindergarten upto class 10 students, wanting better understanding of education systems, schooling, enrichment programmes and stream selection; we assist you in planning ahead.
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For aspiring athletes and their families, wanting better understanding of career in sports, training programmes, and coach selection; we assist you in planning ahead.

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Who we are
We design pathways for tomorrow’s global citizens.
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Globizon is a team of dynamic professionals providing career pathway services to parents, students, qualified professionals, and enthusiasts.
Our core team comprises chartered accountants, lawyers, liberal arts graduates, MBAs, psychologists, and our network goes beyond to people pursuing careers in all walks of life including visual artists, public speakers, filmmakers, teachers, writers and painters. Some of us started working at the age of 19, worked with top multinationals around the world, and started their own businesses across multiple geographies. Globizon is an amalgamation of ‘Global’ and ‘Horizon’. ‘Global’ means relating to the world, while ‘Horizon’ is the intersection of different directions.
Globizon’s role is to assist people seeking various careers to understand how their interests and skills are relevant in the world, act as a catalyst to their growth, introduce them to people living their dreams, guide them in the journey towards their goals and keep track of their progress. We aspire to bring a sense of value to people’s lives by introducing them to their Ikigai . A person’s Ikigai defines their sense of purpose in life in tandem with their goals and careers. Ikigai is what makes people jump out of bed each morning!


Personalized Approach

Tailor made pathways, built around your passions, interests and experiences.

Industry Professionals

People with real world experiences so that you can plan better, amidst changing markets.


Special assessments for analysing, monitoring and designing pathways.

One Platform

Right from analysing your interests, passions, personality and aptitude to discovering the right career pathway in India or across the globe, we bring everything together for you on a single platform.

Professionals from the best institutions and companies on the planet.

People Who Love Us

Our Success Stories

People Who Love Us

Our Success Stories


Tailor-made for different stakeholders


Parents play a crucial part in paving the way for their child’s academic exploration, including traveling, volunteering, and interning.


Pressures of competition, increasing complexity of career choices, disruptive technologies, and volatile job market have made career choices a major challenge.

Working Professionals

Upgrade skills, make a career shift or look for options to immigrate, expand and settle in another country.


Global landscape is constantly changing and we are here to assist you with access to the best resources for development and expansion.
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10+ Countries
50+ Mentors
100+ Institutions
25+     Service Offerings
25+       Service Offerings
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